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cartierlovejesduas @derekmathias I’m going to make one, FINAL attempt to explain to you the truth of these Scriptures before giving up. I don’t ASSUME anything. I KNOW it has no contradictions since it can’t be the perfect and indisputable Word of God otherwise. Nothing in it could be true if there were, and because I’ve been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and therefore EXPERIENCED the opposite, I KNOW there are NO contradictions in the Bible. My interpretation of those Scriptures is what they mean unless someone can prove otherwise, which I doubt they can. The “extra meaning” as you call it ISN’T an extra meaning, its actually in there. Just not in literal writing and therefore takes prayer and revelation of the Holy Spirit(and also commonsense) to be able to realize. Thats the thing about the Holy Scriptures; their divine meaning and purpose can’t be understood without both being saved and actually trying to understand it through the Holy Spirit. As I said before, my conclusion that that is what they mean came through this and prayer, with me asking God to have it revealed to me that I’m wrong if I am by showing me. He hasn’t done so yet. I have no burden of proof since my claims regarding the Bible are not the invalid ones. Yours are. You claim the Bible has contradictions, and thats wrong, which means you statements regarding it mean NOTHING. As to someone reading Mark before Matthew, they’d probably come to the wrong conclusion since they read the Bible out of order, and theres a reason Christ said and taught thing in the order he did. First, in Matthew He stated that except for sexual immorality, a man or woman divorcing their spouse, and also marrying another after if they do, is adultery and causing their spouse to commit adultery. Then in Mark and Luke, he went into general teaching regarding marriage and divorce, being aware many people thought they could divorce for any reason, and pointed out that divorce for such reasons would be adultery. Here, he was not addressing for sexual immorality, but for rather divorce for just any reason at all which in Mark was actually how he was asked about it, But NO, divorce and remarriage for sexual immorality and abandonment IS permitted. Last time I reply to your comments and say this. imitation love cartier bracelet
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cartierlovejesduas i just read Dr. Melendez’s response to several journals and media personnel. Is he allowed to clinical practice in Venezuela? Does he have license to do that? If you go through two of his papers, one in Science and another one in Nature Immunology, the studies involved patient materials from two different hospitals in Venezuela. Who did this work? Who followed up the patients? No acknowledgements were given in both the articles? What about IRB issues? No authors listed from Venezuela? Who did all those investigations? Probably, it is better to send an erratum to journals with names of authors from Venezuela!! braccialetto cartier love falso
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